Mar 7, 2006

Can we go out now?

Nowadays, it seems that I have caught the I-really-like-going-out-to-take-a-walkilitis bug.

Whether it's just outside my house along the corridor or downstairs at the park, I simply just love to take a long as it's outside! Hahaha...

Whenever I feel like going out, you know what I'll do? I'll bring my pair of tiny shoes to either Daddy/Mummy or Ma-ma if I'm at her place. Then I'll make some funny noises to try and catch the attention of them AND drop a BIG enough hint of my intentions. Hee hee...

Yes I know...I've got a swine on my ass. :P

There was this one time over the weekend when Daddy went out to buy back dinner. When I saw him close the door, I started crying and banging on the door! So paiseh... Anyway, Mummy then told me that she'll bring me down for a walk after she washed my milk bottle. But I couldn't wait! I went to the shoe rack, took my shoes, brought them all the way to the kitchen and laid them down by Mummy's feet. :P

And when I saw she still bochup me, I went back to the shoe rack again and brought Mummy's shoes all the way to the kitchen. Then I laid them down by her feet and attempted to lift her leg up to try and put her foot in the shoe. Hahaha...yes yes, I was THAT desperate.

But in the end, of course I won lah...and I got to go down to my playground at the park. WOO HOO! :)

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Sharwyn and Shaynnen said...

Ashton....hahahah..we beri sama sama leh. Wait for the adults to do things, night falls liao hor.

FishyOct said...

ashton... like a big boy now... ;)

Nausicaa said...

We're going down almost all the time too! And the playgrounds are all the same lookin'. ;p

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