Mar 5, 2006

My Gym Workout

Yesterday morning, Daddy & Mummy brought me to my first baby gym session. It's a free trial class session by My Gym at Woodlands, and it's Daddy's turn to accompany me this time 'cos Mummy had her chance the last time at Kindermusik liao...hee hee...

Everything was so colourful there but most importantly, everything was padded so I could walk and tumble freely! Hahaha...

We started off with a stretching cum warm-up session, where Daddy had to move my hands & legs around. It sure feels good when you don't have to do these things yourself! Heh... Oh, halfway through the session, Mummy could also join us and sit in the session with us 'cos the session wasn't too crowded. Yippee!

Then, we were introduced to the various playgym equipment; like the bouncy trampoline. Daddy placed me on the trampoline and started jumping up and down. WAH, sure felt like kena MAJOR earthquake siah...HAHAHA!

Pardon my sullen face; or as the instructor puts it - my 'poker' face 'cos I was expressionless regardless of the whatever activities I go through. Hee hee... Bopian lah, it was too early in the morning and somemore I just woke up from a short nap in the car. So that's why I look a bit aloof lor... But I still enjoyed myself lah, especially on the swing! :)

50 minutes of fun went by so fast! But I konfirm enjoyed myself more than the Kindermusik session last week lah... So now Daddy & Mummy are considering whether to sign me up for the lessons or not. Hmmm... But I think they are also looking to see if there are other playgyms that are offering trial classes first or not. Cheapskates! :P But if you know of any others, please let my Daddy & Mummy know hor... Tankew ar!

So after a tiring morning, I was totally concussed in the afternoon - I slept for a total of 3 hours!!! That's a new record for me! Hee hee... And Mummy had promised to take me out at night if I slept in the afternoon, so it was off to East Coast Park for dinner.

There were so many people there on a Saturday evening; quite a few of them on wheels some more ah... So anyway, Daddy & Mummy had their dinner at Kenny Rogers' and I absolutely dig their mashed potatoes man! Oh, and their muffin too. Yum Yum!

We had a nice stroll along the beach after dinner. And in an attempt to work off the fats from dinner, I kept insisting to walk on my own. Hee hee...

I was walking on my own happily - when I met with a small mishap. I fell down and slightly grazed my right knee. :(

But I very brave wan; I didn't cry at all. I just said 'ahh ahh' and pointed at my knee to show Daddy. And my knee was promptly cleaned with a piece of wet tissue liao. Hahaha... that's service for you. :)

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