Mar 4, 2006

I've got my own bag!

Daddy has one. Mummy has one.

Now I have my very own one too!

Yep, my very own backpack - a mini kids' size version. :)


See how happy I am with my bag?

Actually hor, I sort-of 'forced' Daddy & Mummy to buy the bag for me lah. 'Cos we were in this shop and Daddy wanted to try if I would carry my own bag or not. So he happily (& regrettably) took this kiddie bag and placed it over my shoulders. And I simply loved carrying it around. So there I was - walking around the shop with the bag on my back. Hee hee...

And when it was time to go, and Daddy tried to take the bag away... I CRIED!!! HAHAHAHA... see lah? Who asked Daddy itchy hands, let me try in the first place??? But Daddy eventually took it away lah, much to my disappointment.

I thought I had seen the last of it...but yesterday, it mysteriously appeared in my home! Ahh, sneaky Daddy & Mummy had went back to buy the bag for me and heng they bought it only yesterday ah, 'cos it was on 10% discount! Heh heh...

So what do I have in my bag?

Just my one water bottle lor... Anything more than that, I scared I'll fall backwards lah. Hee hee...

Ok lah, me off to my first Gym session liao! I'll talk to you all later!

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Sharwyn and Shaynnen said...

Ashton didi, the bag beri "chio" much huh??

Cheekiemonkies said...

hee hee...tankew tankew! think it was abt $35.

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