Mar 21, 2006

I can do this, do that...and so much more!

It's amazing how much I can learn in such a short time.

I can now assert my views on the adults liao. Hee hee... Whenever I want something, I'll just point to it and say 'Thare!' and I expect it to fall onto my lap. Hahaha... So far, succes rate is about 80% lah; not too bad at all... :P

I can also dance better already! Instead of my usual dancing routine of bobbing up & down, I can now shuffle my feet fast fast....AND also turn round and round to the beat of the music. Next time I ask Daddy take video to show you all lah... But you all cannot laugh at me okay? ;)

Oh, and I also have weekly arts & craft session at Ma-ma's house now. Hee. Ku-jie & Ma-ma bought me crayons & mahjong paper and taught me how to use the crayons to draw on the paper. Quite fun lah... although my specialty is only drawing worms for now. Hahaha... But I still prefer Ku-jie to draw lah, 'cos she can draw so many more things! Even when Ma-ma picks up the crayon and wants to draw, I'll grab the crayon from her and pass it to Ku-jie. Heh heh...

And my current fave game now is hide-n-seek. I'll always try my best to find a door so that I can hide behind it. Then I'll slowly peer out to see if there are any adults out there who can spot me. And I'll just repeating that many times; since the adults are always so happy when they see my head poke out. Hahahaha....

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Nausicaa said...

wow, ashton can talk! Waiting for ainsley to say more than "ball". :)

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