Mar 23, 2006

Luncheon at Bottletree Village

Last Sunday, we went to this place called Bottletree Village for lunch, to celebrate my maternal Tai-por's birthday.

It's a place that sells zi-char food, which is not too bad lah (by Daddy's standard...haha...). But the main draw has got to be the sea view and ambience..

Yep, the place is just next to the sea and it is so windy and shiok there! Hee hee... In fact, one can see Malaysia just across the sea and if your handphone is feeling naughty, it mught just kena the Malaysian call network signal! Hahaha...

It's really a nice place; with lots of people fishing by the sea and some just walking along the coastline.

BUT got one drawback, it's very ulu! But also not I drive; so I shan't complain. :P

Mummy was expecting a hot day, so she got me decked out in my army combat wear. But in the end, it turned out that the sky was overcast...heh heh...

Food-wise I can't really comment lah, 'cos I never ate much. The adults very unfriendly, order so much spicy food leh.

But I really enjoyed myself, playing at the playground there and just running about the place. Haha... 'cos the place there very big very shiok to run about. I must go back there again soon!

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