Mar 28, 2006

I dirtied my chio car seat :(

My running nose seems to be drying up liao, although it's still a bit leaky at times. But I think I have some phlegm in me too; 'cos last night while I was drinking my milk on the way back home in the car, I vomitted almost all of my milk and some of my dinner too. So heart pain hor?

Mummy thinks it's because of the phlegm in my throat that made me want to cough, and in the process all the other stuff also come out. So there goes my nice clean car seat... Daddy had to lug it back home for it to be washed and cleaned. And I also had to be washed and cleaned too. (Not that I mind lah, 'cos one of my favourite activities is bathing time! :P)

Speaking of my running nose, the medicine that I'm eating sure is powerful siah! These past 2 nights, I've been sleeping through the night, without waking up! Pure bliss for Mummy & Daddy...hahaha... BUT this morning, I woke up at 5.15AM! Guess I must have had too much sleep liao. Hee hee... So how did I pass the time? I just crawled up and down the bed, all over Daddy & Mummy, played with my toys, read my storybooks lor...nothing too tedious. HAHAHA...

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