Mar 30, 2006

WHY is everyone asking me to run errands har? seems that lately I've been asked to run a lot of errands.

Errands like passing something to somebody...or getting something from someplace...or just transferring something to somewhere. Wah, very luan hor... :P

See? Mummy asked me to go out to the living room to get her handbag from the chair and I promptly went out to get it for her. I so guai hor? Baileys can't even do that you know. Hee hee...

Ma-ma also sometimes asks me to take newspapers or some other stuff to Ye-ye and I also know how to listen. Or sometimes she asks me to pack up my toys and put them into the box, I also listen. So good boy right? :)

But hor, you know what's my real motive in being so obedient or not? 'Cos I want to hear them praise me lah. HAHAHA... it's true you know; everytime when I do something good, I will look at the adults and clap my hands. AND I expect them to do the same and say 'Clever boy!'. And if they never clap, I'll just bring my hands together and clap in their direction until they get the hint! HAHAHA... I'm so ingenious. :P

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