Aug 26, 2006

First time to school with di-di

Mummy was feeling bored at home today, so she decided to be naughty and join me in school this morning! tsk tsk tsk... So di-di also had to tag along; but I think he still gong gong lah... just follow wherever we go lor. Hahaha...

Today's lesson was a special one - we had a storytelling session out in the garden area. It was something different but I tell you ah, it was also very hot. My whole head turned wet in a matter of minutes - and earning the nickname of mop-head from Daddy. Hmph.

Oops, finally a piece of evidence showing me to be very inattentive in class. Hahaha... yah lor, I can never sit still during the storytelling session. So as you can see from the photo above, when Miss Phebe was telling the story about some pig (I don't recall lah; never pay attention what), I was busy rummaging through her basket of goodies. Hee hee...

Time for some action after the storytelling and this is the part I like!
Playtime and music time! :P

One of the 3 musketeers, Timothy didn't come today. Only Dylan came, but we still had fun on a mini see-saw! :)

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