Aug 25, 2006

Kissing a baby...again

Did I ever mention I really love to hold and cuddle di-di in my arms?

Hee hee... I guess I did.

And of course, once I carry him... it's often very difficult for anyone to pry di-di away from my arms. 'Cos I can just sit there, carry him and sayang him with my hand.

Besides carrying di-di, I have also learnt to be more helpful around the house you know.

When I hear di-di crying in the room, I'll sound the alarm and be the first one to scamper into the room to see if he's ok. Then I'll climb onto my stool to peep into the playpen. Yah, kaypoh I know...

Even when di-di is bathing, I will insist to watch too. Sometimes, I'll try to put my hand into the water. Must ensure that the water isn't too hot for my dear di-di mah... Then when Daddy or Mummy is cleaning di-di's backside, I will also be very very helpful and help them pull out the baby wipes from the packet. Hee hee...

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