Aug 6, 2006

Gallopy Gallopy Pony

Eagle-eyed Mummy spotted an interesting banner when we were driving past Pasir Ris Park one day. It turned out that there is now a pony stable called Gallop Stable in the park itself. So got good stuff, of course must go check it out lah... :)

There were quite a number of ponies there, and also quite a number of people there on a leisurely weekend. You could buy some grass feed to feed the ponies, sayang them and try to strike up a conversation with them. But I no try lah. You could even have a short ride on a pony, for a fee of course. 10 bucks for 1 big round, 5 bucks for half-round. That one I got try. But Daddy got the 5 bucks one for me, 'cos he didn't know if I would want to put on the helmet in the first place. But more on that later...

Initially, I was quite apprehensive of the ponies. So I said 'hello' to them by maintaining quite some distance away. Hahaha... Yah lah, I scaredy cat lah. But I warmed up to them eventually and Daddy even carried me up to sayang one pony. But all my trust in them was promptly destroyed when it decided to clear its nose and snorted loudly. So of course I kena shocked for a while lah. But compared to what happened later, this was nothing.

Then, Daddy put some grass feed onto my hand and asked me to go let the pony makan. So as I was innocently and happily approaching the pony with my out-stretched palm, the pony took a chomp - horror of horrors! - at my hair instead! I was shocked! But I never spoil image lah... I never cry. I just stood there - tio stunned. Daddy & Mummy leh? They just laughed their heads off... Hmph! Daddy said maybe the pony thought my hair was a tuff of grass. Bleah!

But I wasn't tramautised by the I-could-have-a-bald-patch-in-my-head incident, so I was back to my active self again - running all over the place while waiting for my turn to go for the pony ride.

It was a really a nice place, lots of open spaces for me to run. Daddy caught this photo of me below, machiam I'm running in some marathon... Hahaha...

Oooh, finally the time of reckoning was here...

It was time to find out if I would want to wear the helmet or not. 'Cos no helmet means cannot sit on pony; also means Daddy's 5 bucks fly away. So I guess I better be cooperative then.


So it was off on my trusted stallion.

It was super duper fun! Too bad the half-round came and went by too fast. Daddy should have bought the 10 bucks one lah... yah, hindsight is always such a wonderful thing.

But it's ok lah, Daddy said he'll bring me back next time together with di-di. He promised liao, 'cos I shook his tiny fat finger already. Hee.. Yay, I can't wait!

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Anonymous said...

hallo, jus wanted to share that i am also expecting my 2nd child and the gap between my 1st and 2nd child will be 18 months - v similar to Ashton and his didi! It's been good reading ur blog - wld be interested to see how Ashton responds to his didi - so that I also can hv some idea of what is in store for me! Hope u can blog abt that ya? Thanks!

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