Aug 2, 2006

The Gathering

Over the last weekend, we also met up with some of Daddy's good friends for makan. Yippee! 'Cos this meant that I can see my friends again too!

I think we've got the looks... so now left only the money part.
I know! Let's form the next Superband! Hee hee...

Food was tapao-ed to Uncle Zhihao's & Aunty Sharon's home, and the adults just tucked into their feast on the dining table, leaving me by myself at the coffee table eating my own hokkien mee. Not that I'm complaining lah, 'cos I simply lurve noodles now. If you let me choose, I'll gladly take mee over nasi anytime. Heh.

Then after the makan, I kept myself busy by playing with Benji kor-kor's toys!

As you can see, I REALLY made myself at home. :P

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