Aug 4, 2006

Playing the Doh

It has been quite a while that I had a new toy, so of course I wasn't surprised at all when Daddy & Mummy showed me my latest plaything. Hahaha...

It's a Playdoh (aptly named) 'Creativity Center' set and it comes complete with a workstation where I can roll my doh, squish my doh and squash my doh. There are also imprint moulds on the worktable where I can make all sorts of shapes with the colourful dohs. It even doubles up as a storage box for all the dohs and stencils. Pretty neat huh?

I had a really good time playing with it; especially squishing the doh through my fingers. Hahaha... And heng it's non-toxic, 'cos I've this unexplainable tendency to put it in my mouth. But after kena scoldings a few times, I have been miraculously cured! :P

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