Aug 21, 2006

Playing the Ground

All thanks to di-di, I get to go to the playground more often now. Hee hee...

Actually, it's because di-di still got slight jaundice... so he gotta go bake under the sun every morning. Which means I also tan dio lah; get to go to the playground for some outdoor fun! :P

But donch worry, di-di's jaundice level is still okay lah; not as bad as mine anyway. I heard from Mummy last time that I had to stay in hospital ALL BY MYSELF 'cos my jaundice level was quite high. Lucky that time I still blur like sotong, dunno anything yet... I must have thought last time I was holidaying at some carribean islands when they put me under the light... heh.

Anyway, back to the playground.

As you can see, I really enjoyed myself at the playground at our rooftop garden - every morning. :) As our home's windows faces the rooftop garden, sometimes I'll just stand in front of the window to try to see if I can spot the playground or not. So Daddy sometimes tells me that once I finish my breakfast, he'll bring me down. That always does the trick. Hahaha...

And once I'm down at the playground, I'll just run crazy...

Too bad di-di can't join me in all the fun yet... oh well, at least next time, I can teach him how to play with me. That should be loads of fun!

Despite me running and shouting away, di-di still managed to fall asleep while sun-tanning under the hot morning sun. He good lah... I stand under the sun for 10 seconds, I perspire liao... How to sleep???

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1 comment :

Anonymous said...

hey ash! tell your daddy these set of photos were very well taken! i like the last one best!

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