Oct 26, 2006

East Coast Playtime!

Tuesday was a public holiday, and since the skies have been clearing up of late, Daddy & Mummy brought di-di & me down to East Coast Park for some sunshine.

My Kong-kong, Por-por, Jor-jor & Kor-por (Kong-kong's sister) also joined us too... so happening right? It's actually been quite a while since I last went to the beach, so Mummy was afraid that I may have become scared of the sea...

Erm, well... as you can see, perhaps I really needed some time to get used to the waves again. For the initial part, I was clinging onto Kong-kong's shirt for some assurance. Haha... scared means scared mah, don't take chances lor. Hee...

But soon I warmed up to the waves & sand liao... And so I remembered how fun I had at the beach the last time I was here. I can even start to pose somemore ah... though not exactly your kind of macho beach boy poses...

Lunch soon followed, and I had my first ever lunch by the beach! It was okay lah, although I was more interested in Daddy's ice-cold Slurpee. Hee.

And having fully recharged, I just spent the time running around and along the beach. And of course, Daddy just took the opportunity to take more photos... :P

I even tried jumping, although my legs can't really lift off from the ground just yet. Think running is still more fun lah.

But one time when I was running down the beach walkway, one of my shoes just dropped off... make me so paiseh only. Heh.

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