Oct 29, 2006

viva Vivo

Last week, Daddy & Mummy brought di-di and me to what was supposed to be the most hyped about shopping mall of the month - VivoCity.

Yea, that's right baby... how's my pose in front of the upcoming IR?

One thing's for certain - it's really huge! It's so huge until Daddy had to carry me most of the time. Hahaha... actually it's because I was lazy lah.

But there were really plenty of shops in the mall, but shopping isn't exactly my cup of tea now you know.

What I really enjoyed was the outdoor areas at the mall. There was a huge wading pond at the 3rd floor, presumbly for kids like us to play in. And there was also a nice playground in the middle of the mall, also presumbly for kids like us to play although I did see some teenagers playing there. Hmph, take up space only... :P

So in the end, I ran myself silly at the outdoor area of the mall while watching the huge boats sail by. Who needs shopping when you can run around like a headless chicken?

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