Oct 14, 2006

Mr. Dippy

Today's Saturday, so it also means school day! Yippee!

We had the usual stuff during lesson today, but the Arts'n'Crafts session was a bit more unusual today. We got to make a 'Dippy the Duck' hat for ourselves. Who's this Dippy? He's just a little duck who goes 'duh duh duh' all day long...hee hee...

First I used crayons to add a little colour to Dippy and then I used a paintbrush and some paints to give him a final touch up. Then Miss Phebe helped us cut the duck out and make it into a hat, and voila! My very own paper visor! :)

Actually, I tell you lah... I don't like to wear hats one. But dunno why, I didn't take off my visor when it was put on my head. Still can take photos somemore ah! Hahaha...

Anyway, just another incident that happened during class... One of fellow classmate gave my di-di a hug today and you know what I did? I pushed her away! But it also earned me a swift rebuke from Mummy. Haiz... protective of my di-di also cannot. What's a kor-kor gonna do? :P

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