Dec 8, 2006

Ayden muses...

HELLO Everyone!

This is the di-di speaking. Yep, I have taken time out from my busy schedule of drinking milk and sleeping to update all of you on my progress thus far.

As my dear kor-kor had already mentioned, I can flip onto my tummy already. One whole month earlier than my kor-kor.

Maybe it's because I'm fatter and rounder lah; so machiam ball like that... very easy to roll around. Haha...

My neck's pretty strong too; I can sit on my Bumbo chair for quite a long while liao. Unless kor-kor come and kacheow me, and tries to sit in the Bumbo chair too - with me still in it! This kor-kor of mine ah... Bumbo chair lying there empty, don't want to sit. Mummy puts me inside... he comes scrambling to want to sit inside. Hahaha...

Also, I'm getting more and more talkative these few days. If you really want to hold a truly meaningful conversation with me, try catching me in the mornings. I'm always in a super duper good mood then and I'll always laugh at whtever you say or do too - even if it isn't really that funny. Hahaha...

Okie, gotta go back and lim my white drug liao. Hunger pangs are setting in... Oh, did I mention I'm drinking way way waaaay much more than kor-kor last time? Kor-kor only drank about 80ml of milk per feed last time. And me? I can easily wallop 120ml in one sitting. Cannot fight lah... :P

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Wenz 宛仟 Denz 浩安 Xenz 燿榜 said...

The last pic of Ayden di-di looks sooo much like Ashton kor-kor.

Wenz 宛仟 Denz 浩安 Xenz 燿榜 said...

Hi Mummy Ash n Ayd

Sorry, my tagboard has limited space to write so leave it in ur comment instead.

What I merely do was to choose 'none' and picture size of ur choice during photos uploading, after uploaded I resize manually to suit the outlook of the template.

I think the posting of pics side by side gotta do with the template's width itself. Try changing the width under 'edit html' in ur 'layout'. But be sure to save a copy of ur original html before changing anything!! :)

Did u try PICASA to see if it can help to post side by side?? I think the new blogger has resolve the problem for beta version liao. I dun use PICASA so cannot give any comment to it.

For my case, I chose the 'stretch' version of template thus dun need to change the html code as the width oredi wide enuf to fit in the photos. If I choose photo size small during uploading, it can fit 3 photos for landscape one and 4 photos for portrait type automatically. If medium one, then have to resize abit for the landscape ones.

Hope my explanation is clear enuf to understand :)

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