Dec 7, 2006

Blistering Barnacles! It's Barney!

Yesterday was Daddy's day off due to reservist; so rather than he sit on his bum and rot at home, he decided to bring me to watch Barney. Live in the flesh! Yep, my very first up-and-close session with the purple T-Rex. Sensing a good time, Mummy also decided to take leave and tag along. Hahaha...

The show was at 1pm, and we arrived at about 11.30am all ready and prepared to queue for the best seats in front of the stage. Now, is that kiasu or what? Hee hee... And so a plan was devised - Mummy would queue while Daddy would bring me somewhere where I could have my lunch first.

And it was truly a fantastic plan indeed; 'cos by 12.15pm, the queue was already snaking around the whole atrium with no end in sight. Heng ah...

Since Barney and his kakis were still putting on their make-up, I found some time to burn some calories by running along the aisle first.

Soon we were allowed into the seating area and guess what? I fell asleep while waiting for the show to start! Hahaha... but no worries, I woke up as soon as the music started. And since we were seated very close to the stage, I had a fun time waving and calling out 'Barney!', 'Baby Bop!' and 'BJ!', in very much the same manner as some would call out to Bae Yong Jun or -insert Korean/Japanese star-... you get the idea lah. Heh.

I thoroughly enjoyed the show! Even when they had left the stage, my eyes were still glued onto the stage, hoping by some miraculous chance that they would reappear again. But it was not to be and so we went off to do some shopping for X'mas gifts.

And what to you know... after all the shopping, it was already close to 4pm. Which was the time for the next Barney show. Again! Hahaha... so Daddy decided to let me watch again lor. kekeke... but this time we never queue again lah. Daddy just carried me and we watched the show from the 2nd floor above. It was still a stupendous treat if you ask me. :P

Daddy was commenting after the show that he would have never imagined that he would be crazy enough to queue up for such a show. And for a purplish dinosaur at that. Hahaha... but too bad his dear boy like. But looking at me watched the show with such deep concentration and clapping happily to the music, he knows that it's all worth it. :)

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