Dec 5, 2006


It's finally over.

I don't have to see Daddy prancing around in his green camouflage anytime soon. Which also means he'll have more time to update my blog. Hahaha...

So anyway, over the weekend we attended Mummy's friend's, Aunty Nano's wedding. This wedding a bit special; 'cos I got my own special meal leh! Chicken nuggets & french fries to be precise. With loads of yummy crimson ketchup somemore! Slurp!

So I was enjoying my own happy meal, while the adults tucked into their normal boring food of shark's fin, prawns and what-nots. And naturally after all the makan, I had to expend my energy by climbing up and down the steps of the stage.

And pose for the camera too lah.

Ooh, soon the groom and bride made their way in... so of course I siam one side and watched on, deep in concentration.

Actually, I was concentrating more on the bubbles that were shooting out from this black box lah. Heh.

The rest of the dinner progressed smoothly and soon, it was time to go home. But not before Daddy took some more photos of me! :P

Here's a BIG Congratulations to Aunty Nano & Uncle Daniel! I need more playmates! HAHAHA...

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