Dec 1, 2006

Under the Boardwalk

16 days of strutting around in a green outfit had left Daddy with lots of long overdue posts... heng I'm only the creative director of my blog niah, read: just talk & no need to type. Hee hee

Anyway, here are some photos taken about 1 month ago where Daddy & Mummy brought di-di & me to the Changi Point Boardwalk for some jalan jalan.

It was a nice place; lots of greenery & the sea view was simply chio!

I was told that the boardwalk stretches for quite a long distance along the Changi coastline. But we not fit lah, only walk a small section of it. Hahaha...

So most of the time, I just spent my time looking out into the sea, watching the boats go by.

Oh, and there were quite a number of people fishing too and I enjoyed looking at them too. Especially when they bring up either their rods with fishes dangling at the end or baskets with tiny crabs in them, I'll go 'WAH!'

Yah, very drama I know...

Me think di-di also enjoyed himself lah; although I suspect that he was feeling a bit hot in his stroller. Heh. But overall, it was a good outing and hopefully we can conquer the rest of the boardwalk next time! But first, must get Daddy to work out... kekeke...

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