Dec 24, 2006

Happy Birthday to my Kong-kong!

Happy Happy Happy Birthday to Kong-kong! From the both of us, the cheekiemonkies duo!

Today we went to have a yummy lunch buffet in Kong-kong's honour; and it was truly a very filling one! Until I thought I saw Daddy's buldging tummy... But his tummy always buldging lah, so hard to tell actually. Heh.

Then Kong-kong and Por-por brought me to this rustic old place where they had longkang fish for me to try to catch with a net. But I never try lah, 'cos I was just contented enough to soak and splash my way in the water. As usual. :P

And no photos too. 'Cos the camera batteries died. But I think me going back again soon lah. When the weather is not so cranky.

Then it was back to Kong-kong's house for the cake-cutting ceremony.

Yep, it's a log cake too 'cos I'm told tomorrow is TOYS GALORE DAY... erm, I meant Christmas Day. Hee hee...

The cake was sedap! It must be lah, since I walloped one and a half slices. Haha.

Okay, me think I better go to bed liao so that I have energy to rip off the wrappers covering my presents tomorrow morning. kekeke... Me suspect di-di is also highly excited by that thought...

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