Dec 22, 2006

An hour & a half to paradise... Part 2

Okay, let's continue with my Phuket adventure!

The hotel room was one of my highlights of the trip, 'cos every morning when I woke up, I would strut out to the balcony and say a loud 'MORNING!' to the sea, birds and coconut trees that were swaying in the breeze.

No need to say, di-di was also very happy with the room...

And this was also when I learnt how to say the word 'co-co-nut'. Hahaha... at least it was educational! :P

Anyway, after we had a slight recharge in the room, we headed to - where else - the beach! And boy, was di-di dressed to the occasion. AND pumped up for it as well.

The fine sandy beach is accessible by foot or by this charming tram that runs down the hill from the hotel. This particular tram was probably one of the best highlights of my holiday. I LOVED sitting at the front of the tram, and being the driver and turning the steering wheel like I was driving a racing car. Hee.

And after each trip, I would point to the tram and screech at the top of my cute voice, "'gain!, 'gain!".

But never mind, there was the beautiful beach to look forward to. And wah, it was truly a captivating one.

There was no loud music blaring, no hawkers selling useless stuff and no rows and rows of sun beds in sight. In other words, it was almost perfect. Lovely, secluded, really fine sand, blue sea. It's my kind of place man. Hee hee...

And so, I quickly found a spot on the beach to put my sand toys to good use.

Daddy even took me for a little swim in the sea and I had a really good time kicking my legs silly in the water.

And so that concludes Day 1; I had so much fun out in the sun that I turned quite a lot darker after just one day! Ditto for di-di. Jialat lor... Ma-ma sure say how come I become so chao-tah wan... :P

2nd day was also, not surprisingly, to the beach. But before that, Daddy & Mummy decided to go to Phuket town for some shopping. And that usually means it was time for me and di-di to cacth up on some sleep. Hahaha... Aiyah, shopping is still boring stuff to me.

Then, we headed off to another new shopping centre - Central. Wah, this one is really a biggie... got so many shops. Anyway, what mattered to me was food lah and we had really yummy Japanese food there. And also, a very deliciously yummy sundae at Baskin Robbins!

Ok, think I better stop here... it's getting late and I need to koon as I overheard Daddy saying that we are going for a Christmas Party tomorrow. YAY!

Check back soon yah? If not, my di-di will be really angry... HAHAHAHA!

You'd betta come back ah...or else...

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