Dec 20, 2006

An hour & a half to paradise

Last Thursday, di-di had his very first maiden trip on a plane to somewhere not very far - flying time is just okay for a baby and an almost 2 year old uber active toddler, me.

The flight timing was madness if you ask me. 7.10AM! Don't know if the pilot can open his eyes by then or not. Hahaha... Anyway, as Daddy said; can't complain so much lah when the return tickets are $20 a pop. :P

I think I've really grown up quite fair bit ever since my last trip overseas in April this year. For one, I know what is an aeroplane now and for certain, I simply adore getting into one.

Well, it was pretty uneventful on the flight there - I fell asleep while waiting for the plane to take off. But I woke up about mid-way through the flight and spent the rest of the time looking out of the plane window.

Touchdown! And boy, was I in super high spirits! Hee hee...

Usually, most people going to Phuket would flock to Patong Beach, or to a lesser extent, Karon & Kuta Beach, which are jam-packed with amenities and entertainment. But knowing Daddy, we of course had other ideas.

Daddy had done his homework and found out about this hotel called Cape Panwa on the south eastern tip of Phuket which had been described as a secret hideaway. Ooh... sounds shiok already.

The journey from the airport to the hotel took about 45 minutes and I'm glad to say both di-di and I were pretty much well-behaved. (It's just the start of holiday mah... can't be too naughty. Yet.)

Soon we reached our paradise and first impressions? I just wanted to jump into the turquoise sea immediately! :)

The hotel is situated ontop of a hill, commanding panaromic views of the Andaman Sea. It certainly looks like a great place to nuah and most importantly, to put my sand toys to good use! Heh. Our room was superb; it was comfortably cosy with a large balcony overlooking the sea.

See how enchanted I was with the view?

Di-di was luckier though; he got the best view in the room. 'Cos his cot was just right next to the balcony. Hahaha... That probably explains why I also spent most of time in his cot too. :P

Oops, have to cut short on my travel tales for now... Daddy gotta work. I'll be back to continue with my adventures really soon!

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Anonymous said...

Ash Mummy or Daddy, can I check if you guys were staying at Cape Panwa Hotel? And how much does it cost per nite huh.....And is this superior room that you are staying in? And the transfer to Phuket Town for shopping, how much does it cost. Sorry for so many qn....tiking of bringing my 2 gals to Phuket this March and ur recommendation of Cape Panwa sounds good.....TIA.

Anonymous said...

Hihi! Yup, we stayed at Cape Panwa hotel. Its website is When we went, the superior room was abt S$180 per night. If u can, I'll advise u to go after 31 march, cos the room will only be abt S$125 per night. As for Phuket town, the hotel provides transport at 200Baht per pax for a return trip if I rem correctly. But Phuket town doesn't hv much shopping; go to the new Central Shopping centre. It's quite big, like Suntec. The hotel also has transport there. Hope it helps! :)

Anonymous said...

ash&ayd daddy, thnks for the info. Chk w you, how much did u pay for the trsfer frm airport to hotel. And for the transport to shopping, ash is FOC right..

Anonymous said...

Thr airport transfer was 850Baht per way. As for the shopping transport, Ash din hv to pay.

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