Jan 25, 2007


I think my kor-kor had probably mentioned this before - I eat a lot. Way way way much more than kor-kor last time when he was 5 months old.

How much is a lot ah? Well, when kok-kor just started on solids, he only ate about 1 or 2 teaspoons of plain rice cereal daily.

Me leh? My daily intake is now 3 teaspoons. And that's PER MEAL hor. Hee hee... And I help myself to 2 meal servings daily. :P

And then there's still the fruits portion. In order to ensure my bowel movement don't kena jam, I also love eating my fruits. Sometimes I eat about half a jar of the Gerber fruits, while sometimes I can easily wallop 1 whole apple or pear - freshly blended of course. Ooh... I drool so much just thinking about that. Slurp!

Sometimes even when I had just eaten my fill, the moment I see kor-kor or some other people eating, my mouth will also start moving. Hee hee... Ya lah, me greedy. Mouth forever itchy... blame Daddy's genes! kekeke...

Can someone please tell me how come there are only 3 main meals in a day? Not enough lah! :P

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Anonymous said...

i didn't know 3 teaspoons are enuf for one meal! i used to stuff my 7mth old with one whole bowl of cereals! now he's almost 16mths, but mealtimes are like wartimes...haiz, wonder if it's my own doings...

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