Jan 23, 2007

Pig-out Weekend

True to Mummy's words, I didn't have to attend any classes over the weekend. So that meant that I could sleep in late on Saturday morning! Of course I happy like bird lah...

We didn't do much over the weekend, except that we went for 2 really sumptuous makan. First one was a Saturday wedding dinner; where the groom was a friend of Daddy's from their hostel days.

Second one was a Sunday lunch held in Jor-jor's honour. It's his 80th birthday! And we were all gathered at the restaurant to celebrate it with him. :)

Of course as with all birthdays, the highlight for me has got to be the part where you blow the birthday candles. And needless to say, I was fighting away the afternoon sleep bug in anticipation of that. Hee.

Wah, 8 big candles no joke man. Tough for to blow all in one breath. Lucky for Jor-jor... he had me to help him. Hahaha...

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