Jan 8, 2007

First Weekend of 2007

I had already stopped my Pat's Schoolhouse weekly lessons since last month; so Mummy had been looking & seeing around if there were other short term classes for me to join or not...

My Gym was one such class and last Saturday I obediently obeyed orders to attend this trial class there. And the best thing was that I had great fun! Hee hee...

Maybe it's because I can't sit still lah; so I loved the dancing and playing with the gym equipment there. As long as got chance for me to use up my energy, I confirm like it! :P

Actually I had attended a trial session there about 1 year ago. But that time I still can't prance or jump around much yet. So I was just fumbling along during the class. Heh. And this was me in Feb last year.

I've grown up quite a fair bit huh?

Then on Sunday, we had dinner with Daddy's buddies at Bottletree Village; the one at Sembawang facing Johor Bahru. And yet again, I had the playground for me to work off my dinner.

Oh, and I met Baby Terelle there too! She also loved the playground to bits. Hahaha...

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