Jan 10, 2007

Turning 2

A bit overdue, but better late than never. :P

Last week was when I turned older - 2 years old to be precise. In fact, if someone asks me, 'How old are you?'; I'm able to reply '2 old!'. Hahaha... yah, I still can't grasp the 'years' bit yet.

Back to my celebrations.

As I'd mentioned, Daddy & Mummy brought me & di-di to Sentosa for my birthday, knowing how much I adored the sand and sea. We had gotten a room at Siloso Beach Resort for 1 night, which was a pretty new hotel me think. The room is pretty nice too, with a calming view of the beach.

Kong-kong & Por-por joined us at Sentosa too, but they didn't stay lah. They just wanted to have some fun with the birthday boy. Hee hee...

We had dinner at Sakae Sushi, which I didn't eat much. Maybe it's because I had one eye on the beach outdoors and the other on this water feature fountain outside the restaurant.

Yep, I sure had great fun splashing the water around. Heng Daddy brought along an extra set of clothing for me. If not, I would have to watch the musical fountain show in my dripping wet clothes. Hee.

It was my very first time watching this spectacle of lights, water, music and yes, even fire. And the verdict? 2 thumbs up! In fact, I sat like a stone statue on Kong-kong's lap throughout the whole show despite me only garnering 0.5 hours of sleep in the daytime.

Then, it was time to head back to the hotel for some welcomed rest...

Next morning, tummy was rumbling and so, it was off for some yummy food! Breakfast was at this cosy cafe on the top most floor of the hotel and the view was simply superb!

I had a great time devouring my scrambled eggs, sausage and yoghurt while watching (and counting) the ships that went by.

Speaking of sausages, did I mention that I suddenly took a liking to the sausages there? Hahaha... I also don't know why. But I managed to finish 3/4 of a sausage. That, on top of other food too. Ahhh, think Daddy's genes must be kicking in liao...

And as usual, Daddy never fails to squeeze in a couple of shots while I'm tucking into my hearty breakfast. So not wanting to disappoint, I also played along lor. :P

Then it was off to Palawan Beach for some fun in the sun!

At first look, the beach had really undergone some tremendous facelift ever since the last time I had been there. For one, there's a foodcourt there now. But most importantly, there is now a big splash pool for children like me to erm, splash in.

That's the good thing about going there on a weekday. NO PEOPLE ONE! Hahaha... how shiok is that? I had the whole pool to myself. Hee hee...

But after a while, I got sian of playing there and we moved on to the beach. I played with my sand toys on the beach, while Daddy & Mummy nuah-ed around, sipping their Orangina and gorging on their ice-cream at the same time. And to think we just had breakfast! *faint*

Erm, but I also had a share in the drink and ice-cream lah. Hee hee... Can't blame me; Daddy ordered them.

Even di-di was enjoying himself by looking at the waves while taking in the slight breeze. And I also happen to think he looks handsome in the hat lor... Hahaha...

The hat was actually mine but you know me, I can't stand anything being on my head for long. So it was relatively unused... til di-di came along. :)

Soon, it was nearing check-out time and we headed back to the hotel. But not before going for a quick dip in the hotel pool! Hahaha...

The hotel pool was pretty cool too, 'cos it had a slide for us to plummet into the water. I tried that, while sitting on Daddy's legs of course. But the journey down was pretty fast, so after 1 try, I decided to stick to kicking my legs in the water.

We had a quick shower in the hotel room after that, and promptly checked out. I too promptly fell asleep in the car on the way home. :P

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Anonymous said...

hihi.. all ur pic in the blog was so well taken.. may I know what camera are u using? SLR? I like the way the blog was being presented and the contents was so nice.. a very well done blog..

Cheekiemonkies said...

Hi angie, Thanks for ur comments! :) We are using a normal digicam, Canon A80. Glad u enjoyed our blog!

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