Jan 3, 2007

I'm two!

Today's my BIRTHDAY!!! I turn 2 today! Woo hoo!!!

Yesterday, Daddy & Mummy brought di-di & me to meet up with some of Daddy's friends for a mouthwatering steamboat lunch at Aunty Sulin's & Uncle Kasi's house. And boy, was it a fun gathering!

See how lucky I am to be flanked by 2 pretty girls - Clara & Sarah... Hee hee. Clara & me had great fun grooving to the Barney VCD that was playing on the TV. Yep, COMPLETE with all the moves ala Mambo Jambo. :P

Then it was time for my cake-cutting ceremony! And sneaky Daddy & Mummy got for me my current fave cake - A BARNEY ONE, together with his sidekicks - Baby Bop & BJ! Yah, actually I prefer the green and yellow dinos but don't tell Barney hor. I scared he cannot take it lah.

Actually, Aunty Sharon had also bought me a birthday cake, intending to surprise me one... but turned out she also kena surprised in the end. Hahaha.. so we ended up with 2 cakes! :P Anyway, THANKS Aunty Sharon! :)

Then, it was time for the usual SOP - blow candle...

...and cut cake.

The cake was sedap! And to my delight, the Barney trio could be washed clean and were handed to me for safekeeping. Okay, they'll be joining me in my bath next time. Heh.

Then, it was off to my next surprise that Daddy & Mummy had in store for me - Sentosa! Since today is my birthday, they decided to extend their already super long weekend further by taking an extra day off today. How convenient. Hahaha...

And knowing how I loved playing with sand and splashing in the sea, we spent the night at this really new and shiok hotel in Sentosa last night. But that'll come later in the next posting lah. Hee...

Thanks for all your well-wishes! :)

Cheers to my birthday!

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Anonymous said...

happy belated birthday Ashton!

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