Jan 1, 2007

Meet-up with my friends

Yesterday, Kong-kong & Por-por had a surprise for me - I had a birthday cake for my coming 2nd birthday on 3rd Jan. :)
It was a yummy chocolate one and I had a great time blowing out the 2 candles in one breath! Hahaha... And then, I just walloped 1 whole slice of cake on my own after that. Hee... Must exercise more liao...

And heng heng today I had the chance to go work out the fats from my cake. :P

We had a gathering with some of my friends who are around the same age at me. All the mummies had got acquainted through a motherhood forum and all of them suddenly felt like meeting up.

The venue was at this new place opposite Yishun stadium - Bottletree Park and it was a really fun place to hang out! They have gigantic fishing ponds, a longkang filled with tiny fishes for kids to catch, nice airy pavilions and more importantly for me - a big & colourful playground! Heh.

Lunch was the usual tze-char food, and I shared the same table as my old kakis; Dylan & Timo. We had a great time at the playground after that, especially at this water spout thingy.

Yep, as you can see, we were hogging the place alright. Hahaha... Can't blame us; the weather was quite hot lah... :P

It was a nice get together; great to see my friends once again. Hope that we have more chances to play together again!

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