Feb 27, 2007

Speed Demon

Over the weekend, I test-drove a race car.

Under Mummy's supervision of course.

Actually, it was at some funpark where they had lots of fun rides. There were even some terrifying rides; like one which spun 360 degrees in the air. Wah, must pay money to make your stomach turn round and round. I think I'll pass for now.

I'll just stick to my race car. Hee.

Then it was off for some supper - ice cream & fries! Yummy! Plus a deluge of photos too...

Cute or not? Heh...

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Anonymous said...

hi, can share where this funpark is? i want to note down and take my boys there some day :) thanks in advance!

Cheekiemonkies said...

hi spots,

it's at Hougang Central but bad news is that it's a temporary fun park that was open over the CNY period. Maybe the next one will be the mid year school holidays! :)

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