Mar 1, 2007

Making musik

Daddy's got a free trial voucher for a Kindermusik lesson at Babies Inc. Since it's not good to be wasteful, I thought I had better utilise it. :P

Overall, it was quit a good session; lots of action and moving around which is good for me. 'Cos you know lah, I've got the antsinmypantsilitis syndrome. So imagine my delight when I saw the outdoor masak-masak when I was done with my class...

Yep, a toy car would never go wrong for me. I just love to drive inside one!

I think I spent quite a long time playing with the car... lucky the teachers there never chase me away. Hee hee...

Daddy also told me that I'm starting a new class session this Saturday morning and frankly, I can't wait! :)

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