Mar 5, 2007

New School Term

Saturday was the start of a brand new school term at Growing Up Gifted for me. Daddy & Mummy had decided to sign me up for the once a week lessons after seeing me laze my bum around the house every Saturday morning. :P

Like the last trial lesson I had there, I thoroughly enjoyed the lesson. I especially adored the dancing and singing session the most; shaking my body like a polaroid picture.

Then it was home for some rest, but not before catching my favourite Barney show with di-di! Hee hee...

And of course, hamming it up for the camera... all for Daddy's sake.

We also went for yummy Japanese buffet dinner with Daddy's hall friends in the evening but no pictures to show lah. 'Cos Daddy was busy stuffing his mouth with all the sashimi he could lay his hands on. I too was busy eating, since I dine for free. Hahahaha... I walloped 1 and a half bowls of chawanmushi (among other things) all by myself. :)

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