Mar 21, 2007

Just some pictures of di-di

As usual, it's the normal routine of shuttling between home and Ma-ma's & Ye-ye's house during the weekdays... so there isn't much to report.

So let us all make do with di-di's photos, who has just recently discovered the joys of sitting upright! :)

He's getting pretty good at it; able to support himself upright for a few minutes before he comes crashing down again. Then, being the ever helpful angel that I am, I'll always attempt to help him up again. But of course di-di is too heavy for me lah... Heh.

But there's one other thing that is still shying away from us - di-di's teeth. So far cannot see any yet leh... Mummy said last time when I was 7 months plus, I already got 2 liao.

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