Mar 13, 2007

Stubborn little mule

As I slowly come to terms with my own character as I grow up, a particular trait of mine has showed up rather glaringly.

I'm one stubborn little fella.

Sometimes when I do something wrong and Daddy or Mummy asks me to say sorry to them, I'll just refuse to do it.

Instead of mouthing 'Sorry Papa' or 'Sorry Mummy', I will say sorry to everything else in the whole wide world except them. Hahaha... So I'll just go "Sorry fish", "Sorry chair", "Sorry car"... you get the idea.

Then Daddy or Mummy starts ignoring me lor... and that's when I'll just slowly walk up to them and gently tug at their shorts and say "Sorry Papa" or "Sorry Mummy". Hee hee... Yep, I eat soft, don't eat hard wan.

Anyway, on a happier note, I've got a current fave - my new newsboy cap!

I love wearing it whenever I go out now; erm, on the condition that di-di must wear his cap too. If he doesn't wear his, I wouldn't wear mine too. Yah yah, me a copycat. :P

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Anonymous said...

u look very good in the last pic Ash!

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