Mar 29, 2007

SuperEater - That's me!

The junior cheekiemonkie makes yet another appearance!

I've been growing really well - eating good, poopoo-ing good and also babbling good.

Speaking of makan, I have to admit that I am one very big eater! (Just like Daddy...hee hee)

I just got started on porridge 2 weeks back and boy, can I wallop one full bowl of porridge man!

Then after that, still got one bowl of blended fruits somemore... Shiok ah, I just open mouth can liao. Hahahaha...

And still not finished! 'Cos after that, still got my susu! No wonder I can poo so many times in a day. :P

Ma-ma said that I confirm eat more than kor-kor lah. Plus hor, my stomach seems to be better too wor. 'Cos when kor-kor eats too full sometimes, he very prone to imitate the Merlion. But me? I smarter - I keep my food inside me so that I don't have to sit still to be fed all over again! Wahaha...

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