Mar 31, 2007

Crabby outing

Today we went to makan dinner with Daddy's hall friends at this famous crab place at Ang Mo Kio. Luckily we got there early; if not I think I would have to stand in the queue like this for dunno how long...

Hahaha... actually I just happened to find this long stick when Daddy brought me for my after-dinner evening walk around the area (Read: I was unable to sit still after makan).

So I kept myself entertained by flinging the stick repeatedly up into the air. Too bad Baileys not around; he would have retrieved the stick for me if he was around.

And of course, it was rapid-fire photo taking time as well. Hee.

The adults reckoned that they still wanted to eat some more after dinner, so we all went to Haagen-Dazs to pile on some more calories. And I also got to try another Ashton's First - The Chocolate Fondue!

Wah, it was definitely very yummy; although I only just licked the chocolate. I full liao lah... hahaha.

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1 comment :

Anonymous said...

hey Ashton!

guess wat? we had similiar plans last sat! almost exact plans!

i almost had CRABs @ ang mo kio (ended up at still road, yummy black pepper crabs) & later we went to haagen dazs for ice cream!

hope ur face is recovering fast! cant wait to see more of ur handsome face (of coz ur di-di too)

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