Apr 3, 2007

Zippity Zoo

As promised, Daddy & Mummy brought us to the zoo on Sunday morning. YAY! At least we didn't have to bum around at home on a lazy weekend. Heh...

Daddy was all geared up for a leisurely walk in the zoo, when I spotted the zoo tram. Which got me very excited. Which also meant that I wanted to ride on it badly. Which eventually meant that Daddy had to kiss his exercise hopes goodbye. HAHAHAHA...

You can't really tell, but di-di and me were really really really extremely happy to be on the tram.

Whenever the tram stopped at a station, I'll go 'Tram move!' Hee hee... I guess I just love the breeze blowing against my face when it is moving.

Then I decided that I want to watch the Elephant Show this time around and so, we got off the tram to make our way to the show area. I guess di-di was getting quite excited about it too, 'cos his eyes opened big-big when he saw the big elephants sashaying down the catwalk; erm, I mean the elephantwalk.

The elephants were very naughty you know, 'cos they kept spraying water at the audience using their trunks. Wah, heng I didn't sit in the front rows. If not will kena their mucus too... Yucks!

After the show, we walked around a bit more and hopped onto the tram again to go have our lunch.

I didn't get to go to the Children's World 'cos it was drizzling slightly that day. So which meant I couldn't splash around in the kids' pool. Bummer.

At least I got to throw some pebbles into a pond. Hahaha... cheap thrill I know.

Then it was all too soon to head home. But I had a great time and my guess is Daddy & Mummy will bring us back again soon! :)

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