Apr 6, 2007

sweep sweep OWW!

This early morning, I was woken up from my sleep to go sweep tomb.

It's Qingming now; so which means we have to go to pay our respects to our ancestors. And what better way to make myself useful than to literally help the adults sweep the dead leaves away...

Yep, and I was still at it...

But one small accident occured though - I accidentally kena burnt by a joss-stick. :(

Yep, at my handsome face somemore! But I think my threshold for pain is quite amazing, 'cos I didn't cry when I kena burnt. I just let out an 'Ow!' and that was it. Oh well, at least I'll be more careful in future (I hope!). Think must tell Daddy to take photos of the left side of my face only these few days liao... Heh.

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