Apr 9, 2007

Sunny Sentosa

Me think Daddy & Mummy must be quite upset about my little accident, 'cos they brought me (& di-di too) to Sentosa for a short one night stay on Saturday! So I don't know whether it's to cheer me up or to cheer themselves up. Hahaha...

Either way, it sure did cheer di-di up too!

We stayed at Treasure Resort (formerly known as Sijori Resort) where it was quite close to all the action. Erm, means quite near to my fave place - the beach lah! :P

I actually wanted to go swimming immediately but it was drizzling. Drats. So anyway, mindful of all the action that were to follow, di-di and me quickly took a short nap in the cool air-con room to recharge.

We then took the colourful train to VivoCity for dinner and rode back just in time for the highlight of the night - the all new 'Songs of the Sea' show by the beach!

It was a fabulous show! My eyes didn't stray away even for one second. Heh.

I would say it was definitely much better than the old musical fountain show. Daddy said it better be man, 'cos that old one was free but this new one charges $6 a pop ( but lucky di-di & me still FOC lah).

So for that price, what we got was fire, loads of water, laser lights and some fireworks!

Yep, fireworks! My fave!

But it all ended too soon if you ask me. Hee. And we had to make our way back to our room for some sleep. But not before dancing myself silly on this pavement that was embedded with many many sparkling tiny lights. Very pretty!

Next morning and there was only one thing on our minds - swimming!

Oh, but we had to have our breakfast first lah. Heh.

Di-di was enjoying his cereal, while I was making myself a nice cup of hot chocolate with lots of yummy marshmallows!

I was indulging so much in my hot drink that I couldn't even be bothered when Daddy asked us to smile for the camera. Hahaha...

Okay, finally we were off to serious business.

Me think di-di also enjoyed himself very much at the beach. He used to be quite afraid of the cold water but now, I think he is just like me! Now I just have to wait til he knows how to splash water, so that we can both splash some water on Daddy. kekeke...

Soon, the sun was beginning to scorch a little and so, Daddy said it was time to go back. And my response?

Hahaha... I was only kidding. 'Cos Daddy said we could go for a short dip back at the hotel's pool too! Whoopee!

I think di-di was also very happy lor...

We had a quick shower in the room after that, checked out and went for our yummy lunch; erm... only thing was I was fast asleep when we began to makan. Hahaha... so Daddy & Mummy had a quiet lunch. :P

But at least we'll be back at Sentosa again! I hope... :)

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