Apr 12, 2007

Best of pals

Di-di and me are really the best of pals you know.

Whenever Daddy or Mummy ask me to look after di-di and not let him roll off the bed, I'll use both my arms and place them one on each side of di-di. I very smart hor, like that he can't roll off liao.

Whenever di-di kena scolding, I'll either cry (fake of course but the adults don't know lah) or scream loudly. I just hope that they'll get distracted and forget about scolding di-di.

Whenever di-di is feeling bored, I'll take my toys or books and place them in front of him. Then I'll show him how the toys work, or point out the pictures in the book to him. If he's still not too impressed, I'll just babble along with him.

Yep, that's why I love my di-di lots lots! :)

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