Apr 14, 2007

Zippity Zoo...again

Yep, Daddy & Mummy brought us to the zoo again for a day of great fun!

This time around, we paid a visit to the Austalian Outback enclosure, where it had one of my favourite animals - the Kangeroos!

Boing boing boing! I love to see how the roos hop about... although they don't actually make that sound when they hop leh. Think I must have watched too many cartoons. Hee.

I even got to feed them; but some of them very naughty lah - they just decided to help themselves to the cup of food that I was carrying. I had to scream 'Stop It!' but they bo hiu me. Lucky the helpful zookeeper helped to maintain some order. And so all the kangeroos had their fair share of brunch in the end.

After that, we took a leisurely stroll through the primate kingdom but I wasn't very interested. 'Cos I was mouthing 'Go swimming...go swimming...go swimming...' like a broken record along the way.

And what do you know... I really went for a splashing good time at the Kids' World Pool! Hee hee... Actually, Daddy & Mummy didn't intend to bring me there wan, 'cos the sky was slightly overcast when we left home. But Mr. Sun my best buddy leh... so he decided to make an appearance just for me! So it also explains why I went for my dip in my diapers!

But no worries lah; I can even go stark naked just to go swimming. Hahaha... Expectedly, I had a really good time splashing around... and kicking too!

And all these while, di-di looked on in great amusement...

Di-di didn't join me in the pool 'cos he was having his lunch in the stroller. I think unlike me, he wouldn't give up his makan to go swimming lah. Hahaha...

We had our lunch after I had my share of fun. And since Mr. Sun decided to take an afternoon nap, we also decided to make a move too. Which proved to be a masterstroke on our part, 'cos the moment we made our way back to the entrance, it started pouring. Heng ah...

Once again, it was another fun outing at the zoo and me think we'll be back there soon! :)

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Anonymous said...

Those photos make me feel like going to the ZOO!!! but will first go to the Night Safari before heading to ZOo :)

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