Jun 6, 2007

cluck cluck cluck

From my very first movie in a cinema last week, I've progressed to my very first play in a theatre this week! Woo hoo!

Yep, it's called The Little Red Hen and it's a musical play put on especially for kids like me. But I think Daddy & Mummy enjoyed it too; so kids-at-heart also can go watch me think. :)

The play is about how this little ayam found some grains of wheat and she needed help to plant them. But all her kaki, Mouse, Cat & Goose, don't want to help her. So she suck thumb and did all the work herself and in the end harvested the wheat. When she baked fresh roti using the flour from the wheat, all her friends suddenly appeared and wanted to makan too. Of course Miss Ayam angry lor, but she still forgave them and shared her roti with all of them. And in return, they all learned some very valuable lessons about friendship and the importance of helping one another.

There, now you know the story liao... no need to go watch already. Hahaha...

The good thing about this play is that it has catchy songs and music, with colourful characters. I especially liked the Cat most. Hee. Oh, and there's audience interaction too! But I wasn't too responsive lah; I just wanted to watch the play quietly thank you very much.

As usual, I got a bit restless towards the end but I managed to stay til the end lah. Which is a good thing 'cos they gave out free bread after the play! Yum yum!

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