Jun 4, 2007

Sembawang Park

Yesterday, all of us, together with Kong-kong & Por-por, went for a nice breezy dinner at Sembawang Park.

Breezy because the nice restaurant was situated beside the beach and it was really shiok to makan and look & hear the sea at the same time. Good for the digestion I think. Hahaha...

Think di-di must have enjoyed himself thoroughly too...

Hmmm, no need to think. Confirm he enjoy lah! :P

As usual, any place that has a large enough space for me to work out the fats from my dinner gets my 2 thumbs up!

Oh, and Kong-kong & Por-por will be going away to China for 2 weeks. Haiz... nobody to bring me to playground and shopping on Sundays liao. But at least I'll be able to look forward to loads of presents! Hee hee... And di-di too of course. :P

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