Jun 10, 2007

A cut and some shopping

Today, we went for some jalan jalan at Junction 8, and what's there to do besides makan and shop right? Hee hee...

See the cut above my left eyebrow? Yet another battle scar added to my collection.

I got it sometime last Wednesday when I accidentally smashed my forehead into a toy while I was monkeying around at Ma-ma's place. Nothing too serious, just a gash with blood oozing out of course. Naturally, I was whisked away to the doctor who decided that there was no need for any stitches to be done. (Phew! I like him already!) All that needed to be done was to apply some 'glue' to close up the gash and let it heal.

And yep, there you have it. Another scar to show off how macho I am. :P

But being the shy person I am, me think I need to use something to cover up my injury lah. Something a celebrity always uses too.

Hee hee. Look kewl or not? My new pair of sunglasses! :)

But di-di seemed pretty tickled by it though!

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