Jun 13, 2007

Scrambling agility

'Ello ello people! It's the smaller cheekiemonkie; the more bak one here again. :)

I'm learning more and more new things everyday and one of my favourite activities currently is the mad scramble.

Yep, I love to crawl very quickly along the floor, especially when I see a familiar face in front of me.

Only thing is, my crawling method a bit salah lah, or so the adults say. They say I crawl like a caterpillar. Hmpf! Just because my buttocks go up and down when I crawl very funny meh?

Well as long as I can get to my desitnation can already. That's why I'm also undergoing secret training to try to stand on my 2 feet faster; then I no need to crawl liao lor! Hee hee...

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1 comment :

tazie said...

the first picture looked like he is doing push up.. hehe...

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