Jun 25, 2007


Finally, the day that di-di and I have been waiting for has arrived.

Well, erm... actually I'm the only excited one lah. Heh. Elmo leh! One of my favourite characters, among many others. :P

So on Saturday, we were off to Downtown East to catch the musical, Elmo's Colouring Book. And I was expecting plenty of dancing, singing and catchy music!

Big Bird was so very the tall can... Daddy had to take more than a few steps back, just so that I could appear in the photo. As for me, I was just simply awed by his towering presence.

We were slightly early for the show after our dinner; so I took the opportunity to play and run about at the big open space of grass outside first.

Yep, that was sure a lot of running! Heh.

And then, I spotted something in the sky.

No lah, not Transformers. They only coming on 28th June. It was the faintest of outline of the moon. And I promptly became the professor and attempted to teach di-di something about the moon.

But he bo-hiu me lah; I think he was much more fascinated by the grass beneath him.

At first, di-di was pretty apprehensive when he touched the grass. 'Cos it was actually his first time touching the prickly grass. So half the time, he was just using his palm to touch the grass while pondering whether it was safe to crawl on it.

But once he had all that figured out, he was off crawling on the grass like a seasoned professional. Hee hee...

Soon, it was time for the show to commence and we all make our way in. Think it was welcomed relief for Daddy 'cos it was air-conditioned inside lor. Hahaha...

And when the show started, my eyes didn't even stray from the stage for one second. As usual. It was that good, for me lah.

So good that when the show ended, I didn't want to leave. I kept insisting that Elmo and friends were still going to come out to perform again. "Some more... some more... some more...", was all I could mutter as I trooped out of the giant tent. Sigh...

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