Jun 27, 2007

Here Wii Go!

My NEW toy!

Bah! What an utter lie... it's actually Daddy's new toy - the Nintendo Wii. But Daddy said he bought it for me so that I can hone my motor skills (& maybe Mummy's too). Hahaha...

It's not your usual gaming console whereby you just sit down and play the game with your controller. The wireless remote can be used as a handheld pointing device and can detect motion and rotation in three dimensions. Cheem huh? For example like the bowling game, you'll have to hold the controller and swing your arms back and and forward to release the ball to bowl. Just like an actual bowling game!

So for me, my fave game right now is the bowling one. I'm still getting the hang of it, 'cos sometimes my ball go into the longkang. But I still have loads of fun swinging the remote about! Hahaha...

Mummy loves the tennis and baseball games though, and don't think it's not tiring hor... after a few rounds, Mummy's arms are aching liao. Hee hee... Daddy ah? He busy jumping around... 'cos he playing Mario Bros. Or slashing around in order to save Zelda. :P

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