Aug 14, 2007


Look out! Here comes your friendly police patrol...on foot power!

Hee hee... Daddy & Mummy had finally got me this police car as my birthday present. 'Cos they lazy lah, wait until late late then buy.

But it's okay, 'cos I absolutely loved it! When we were at the shop, Daddy just placed me inside this police car primarily to give his aching arms a rest. And when Mummy started pushing the car, I was laughing so loudly like I never sit car before. Hahaha... and when it stopped, I wailed so loudly like I never wail before. And it only got worse when I was carried out of it.

And so, that was how I got it as my present. Smart eh?

Of course kor-kor also loved it to bits lah. He so lucky, can use his legs to move the car around like the Flintstones. But he's one nice kor-kor, 'cos he lets me take my turn to drive around too! :)

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