Aug 18, 2007

Welcome to the family, Lollipop!

Today, I became the guardian of a new addition to the family. I picked him up from the Build-A-Bear Workshop at Suntec 'cos he looked so cute but very very underweight.

So I quickly filled him up with all these fluffy soft cotton, to fatten him up nicely. :)

Yep, I did had a hand in stepping on the switch to make the machine feed my teddy. So helpful hor...

Then the jie-jie asked to pick out 2 tiny hearts; one for me and one for teddy, and to rub them together. Then I gave the 2 hearts the fattest and wettest kiss that I could ever muster.

And I promptly placed them into the teddy. Ooh, my teddy is alive!

Then the jie-jie stitched teddy back and voila! He's done and ready to go home with me!

Oh, but not before giving him a name first and printing out his birth certificate... And after much serious thought, my new teddy shall be called LOLLIPOP. Sweet, colourful and forever sticky to me. Hee hee...

I love my teddy! :P

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