Aug 19, 2007

Saturday Kick-about

Yesterday morning, Daddy & Mummy also brought us the Botanic Gardens for a leisurely walk... and of course to go feed my fave swans too.

And not forgetting the many fishes and tortoises there too. Think it was di-di's first time there and I think it's pretty safe to assume that he was pretty happy about it.

The fishes and tortoises were very hungry, as usual. They walloped all the bread that I had thrown into the pond. Daddy said the last time when I came here, when I was still a little toddler, I put the bread into my mouth too! Eeeww...

After I had made sure the fishes, tortoises and swans have had their brunch, I proceeded to my next activity - kick ball time!

Aunt Maddy had given me a soccer ball last week and I wasted no time in demonstrating my dazzling skills in front of di-di. :P

Too bad di-di can't get down and kick around with me yet... Hopefully soon lah!

In the meantime, he'll just have to be loyal supporter. Hee hee...

Pity that the skies turned dark pretty fast and we had to scurry back to the shelter area very soon. Haiz... there's always next time! :)

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